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 IT Initiatives

Information Technology initiatives at UPID





TheUttar Pradesh Irrigation Department (UPID) has embarked on an ambitious projectto modernize its information systems related with all its activities /processes through communications, data acquisition, storage, processing andanalysis so that it develops the capability to capture the accumulatedknowledge within the organization and provides the capability to analyze itwithin and outside the organization.

Thedepartment has created a state-of-art IT infrastructure, establishing desktops,laptops, printers, network connectivity through LAN/WAN in its offices. Thedepartment is running necessary training programs and equally concentrating onskill development for its employees to exploit power of IT.

TheProject Activity Core Team (PACT) is responsible for the implementation andmonitoring of the Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project (UPWSRP).


Major I.T initiativesundertaken at UPID so far (Aug’2008):


§        Procurement and Installation of Wide AreaNetwork (WAN) for connectivitywithin various UPID offices.

§        Procurement and installation of Local AreaNetwork (LAN)

§        Procurement and installation of Mailing and Messaging solution

§        Procurement of Desktops, UPS and printers forvarious UPID offices

§        Installation of Data collection through devicessuch as Piezometers, automatic water level recorders,etc. for data collection

§        Consultancy for Design Modernization at CE (Design)

§        Construction of state of the art Data Center

§        Development of Web based Integrated ApplicationSystem (MIS)

§        Development of Application System for ProjectManagement Information System (PMIS)



Network Topology


1Phase I
2Phase II
3Phase III


Implementation Status (ason 15-Sep-2008)


Desktop, Printer and UPS;Vendor – HCL Infosystems


  • 1000 Desktop, Printersand UPS for first lot Procured
  • Installation completed at550 offices for all the Desktop, Printers and UPS.
  • Status – Completed


Data Center; Vendor – Godrej


  • Supply, installation andcommissioning of equipments completed.
  • Status – Operational


WAN; Vendor – HCL Comnet


  • Lease lines in 69 sitesout of 69 sites of Phase 1 are commissioned.
  • Backup links on ISDN hasbeen commissioned
  • Lease lines in 79 sitesout of 79 sites of Phase 2 are commissioned.
  • Backup links on ISDN hasbeen commissioned.
  • ENC Office upgraded to 2Mbps, CR has been raised for upgrading all CE locations to 2 Mbps.
  • A new CR for 40additional sites has been proposed by UPID, initial work for it isunderway. The vendor is has completed the site readiness survey.
  • Installation work isunderway.


LAN; Vendor – GTL


  • Installation andconfiguration of phase-1, 2,3 is complete. Total484 sites have been covered statewide.
  • Installation Testing forLAN is completed, Operational Acceptance is underway.
  • LAN Training has beencompleted for 73% sites (147 out of 188 WAN sites).
  • Status – Operational.


Mail and Messaging; Vendor –CMS


  • 550 mail accountscreated, both the lotus notes and web mail are operational.
  • Backup schedule preparedfor lotus application.
  • Status – Operational


MIS Application; Vendor – TechMahindra


  • Application contractsigned on 24thOct 2005.
  • SRS Document has beenapproved by UPID.
  • SDD has been approved byUPID.
  • Application demonstrationand acceptance is in progress.


Technical Consultancy


  • TCS is the technicalconsultant of UPID in the statewide I.T.
  • infrastructure development program.
  • TCS has been providingassistance to UPID in setting up of a modern Management InformationSystem. TCS has conceptualized the MIS strategy, developed theImplementation plan and provide expert guidance and supervision during itsimplementation, operation and completion stages.



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