Phase-I (Completed)

Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project

  • Water Sector Restructuring Project has been proposed with the view point of implementing U.P State Water Policy year 1999. Project for reconstructing the “Water Sector” has been approved to be implemented in four phases with the help of World Bank in March 2002.
  • The main objective of this project includes establishment of top water bodies in the state along with water determination and improvement organization and water agencies, modernization and computerization of irrigation department, renovation of the irrigation command area of the canal systems, renovation of drains, making water users and water management committees effective, consolidated and optimal use of water, diversification of agriculture, providing proper training to increase agricultural production, and manage the final yield and to increase the income of farmers

First Phase of Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project

  • For the first phase of Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project (U.P.W.S.R.P) 117 million SDR that is equivalent to US$ 149.2 million has been approved by credit International Development Association (IDA) ¼Credit no. 3602 IN½.
  • From the four phases determined for the Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Reconstructing Project, first phase has been completed in which the work of renovation and modernization of canals and drains has been completed in many districts of the state that includes Lucknow, Barabanki, Rae Bareilly, Sultanpur, Amethi, Pratapgarh and Jaunpur. Its major description is as follows:
Project Starting date 27.03.2002
Project completion date 31.10.2011
Prime expenditure of the project (year 2002) Rs. 819.31 Crore
Total expenditure in the first phase of the project Rs. 735.82 Crore
Reimbursement received from the World Bank Rs. 587.64 Crore

Physical Progress

  • Under this project renovation work of canal systems and drains of 3.43 lac hectare in cultivation suitable command area has been implemented that includes renovation of Ghagra-Gomti Haidargarh branch canal command area( till 22.980 km) and Jaunpur Branch (of total length 119.74 km) that comes under Irrigation and drainage sector development program. In the stated canal systems and drains mainly the clay work, concrete work, duckbill weir, parallel minor, bed profiler and outlets etc. work were conducted.
  • With the sole aim of water sector reform, the establishment and functioning of top water bodies has been done which includes State Water Resources Agency (SWaRA), State Water Resources Data and Analysis Center (SWaRDAC), Uttar Pradesh Water Management and Regulatory Commission (UPWaMReC) and Jaunpur Branch Sub-basin Development and Management Board (JBSDMB).
  • Uttar Pradesh Water Management Regulatory Commission Act has been implemented.
  • Participatory Irrigation Management Act, 2009 has been notified on 20 February, 2009. Under Participatory Irrigation Management Act, 2009 the notification rules were issued by the government on 30.03.2010.
  • In the first phase of the project, the election and registration work of 8880 Kulava committees, 407 alpika water users committee, 398 federated alpika water users committee and 28 Rajbaha water users committee has been completed.
  • For the renovation of canals in the project area, civil works has been completed which includes clay work in 2556 km, 39 duckbill weir, 5 cross regulator, 463 gate, 110 km parallel alpika and 2710 other concrete works.
  • For the renovation of drains civil work has been completed which includes clay work in 2369 km area and 398 concrete works.
  • For the computerization/ modernization of the irrigation department Data Centre has been established along with the establishment of departmental internet, wide area network and local area network for the internet.
  • For monitoring of data of water resources/ groundwater 500 automatic water level recorder fitted piezometer, 384 Manual category piezometer, total 884 piezometers were installed in the project area. Total 91 station / automatic level machines were provided to the field engineers In the project area. Along with this 26 Online Automatic Weather Station were installed and made functional in the marked locations within the state.
  • 9 lakes are renovated for rain water harvesting, 18 check dams are created and 18 lakes are developed for fisheries. 1949 Women Self Help Group was formed and strengthened.
  • For modernization of agriculture grain, wheat, mustard, pulses, banana, papaya, green fodder etc. agricultural methods were demonstrated and its training was given. Along with this training/demonstration was also given for poultry.